Weekly World Tour – August 8 to 14

Here is what stood out in the press during the second week of August 2011. Enjoy the lecture!

Politics as usual:

1. Nobel Price in Economics, Paul Krugman wrote an insightful piece in reaction of the S&P downgrading of the US credit rating. His argument is based on two points: credibility of the S&P and the broken US government.

2. Despertarse: How the GOP is trying to attract the Latinos for 2012.

3. How did we go from in God we trust, to in Apple we trust. The rise of Apple to the world’s most valuable company.

4. Interview of the German Interior Minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, by Der Spiegel:

5. The hoddie, a weapon of mass disruption?

6.China’s vision of the current crisis in the US.

Cartoon of the week:

By Sue Dewarhttp://www.npr.org/2011/08/10/139348496/double-take-toons-anarchy-in-the-uk


Ahmadinenjad’s take on world politics

Fun read:

Did the KGB kill Albert Camus? 50 years later, Kim Willsher brings a new light on the obscure death of French philosopher Albert Camus.


Der Spiegel published the Gorbachev files

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