Weekly World Tour – August 15 to 21

These articles and programs stood out this week. Enjoy the lecture!

Politics as usual

1. Brian Singer of the excellent Brooking Institution published a piece on the future defense cuts. He calls for careful cuts in order to not endanger US national security.

2. Obama, tell me a story! (Highly Recommended)

3. A question of leadership in time of crisis!

4. A summer without an oil spill is not a summer, the tradition is kept alive. This time you should thank Shell.

5. Is there a problem when the ‘mega-rich’ call on Congress to tax them more? I guess Members of Congress, also called the ‘Millionaires’ club’ are not willing to share their money. Warren Buffet argued that the ‘mega-rich’ should contribute more.

6. Naomi Klein writes about the meaning behind the UK riots

7. Presidential hopeful, Rick Perry, seems to not fit in the plan of the Republican old guard.

8. Lunch between Richard McGregor of the FT and Mayor of San Antonio, Julián Castro. Maybe Marco Rubio is not the only Hispanic option for the 2016 Presidency!!!

Cartoon of the Week

By Clay Jones

Video/Podcast of the Week

The video of the week is a talk with former Libyan energy minister about the Western intervention in Libya and the future of the country.

Fun of the Week

This week was a no-brainer. I made my choice on Tuesday as I was catching up with my podcasts from NPR and other radio stations. This week will not be about politics, crisis, Tea Party, extremism, hoodies or some other sort of misery, but about music. The ultimate winner is from All songs Considered of NPR with ‘Songs that make you feel good.’ Pick a good armchair, and enjoy the listening!

If you liked it, I invite you to listen to ‘Songs that make you weep’


Part two of the Gorbachev’s files by Der Speigel

Speech of the Week

I guess this was not difficult at all, UK Prime Minister deserves this category with his speech about the ‘broken society’.

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