Weekly World Tour – August 22 to 28

Politics as usual

1. Clive Crook of the Financial Times argues that Presidential hopeful, Rick Perry, has a double face that makes him unelectable.

2. Richard Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations underlined the need for the US to send troops in Libya in order to assert the regime change from Qaddafi to the rebels.

3. Round 2 on taxing the ‘mega-rich.’ Responding to last week comments made by Warren Buffet about a tax increase on the ‘mega-rich,’ former CEO of American Express, Harvey Golub, says not so fast! His reply published on the WSJ – as opposed to the NYT, anyway –,  wherein he argues that before increasing taxes on the ‘mega-rich’ the government should do a better job with what it already collects. Not a big surprise coming from a man that was at the head of a powerful credit card company and now professes his beliefs as part of the ultra-conservative think tank, American Enterprise Institute!

4. Judy Dempsey of the New York Times explains how the elites are keeping the power from the people. Welcome in Europe!

5. Paul Krugman argues that there is not such thing as a ‘Texas miracle’.

6. Christopher Hill, a long time US high level civil servant, talks about the up-coming difficulties in stabilizing Libya in the post-Qaddafi era.

7. The impacts of the global war on drug on Latin American’s economies.

8. Another case of ‘he-said, she-said:’ the dark side of the case DSK.

9. What does Libya mean for the future of NATO?

Cartoon of the Week


Video of the Week

US politics as usual, all the ‘famous’ politicians are in here for the weekly review by Politico.

Podcast of the Week

The excellent conversation on NPR led by Tom Ashbrook with three outstanding guests: New York Times’ Berlin bureau chief, Nicholas Kulish; one of the top French international relations experts, Dominique Moïsi; and Italian journalist, Beppe Severgnini. The theme of the discussion was ‘Europe in crisis,’ which went further than the usual analyses on the economic and financial meanders of Europe. (See my comments on the topic on the FPB website (http://foreignpolicyblogs.com/2011/08/23/the-end-of-europe-why-saving-the-euro-is-more-of-a-political-than-an-economic-decision/) ).

Comeback of the Week

After being tarnished by the international press following his articles condemning the US judiciary system for humiliating his friend, former IMF President, Dominique Strauss-Khan, French philosopher, Bernard-Henry Lévy comes back with a quite powerful article on the ‘success’ of the Libyan war. He played a major role, backstage, in the early rounds in advising French President Sarkozy to send troops to Libya (in french).


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