Weekly World Tour – September 5 to 11

This is what caught my attention this week. Bonne lecture!
Politics as Usual
1. The German dilemma! Where does Germany’s future fit in? Jörg Lau argues that there is a gap between Germany’s power and its contribution to world politics.
2. Gideon Rachman looks at the role of Germany in the survival of the Euro.
3. The CIA, the MI6 and Libya cooperated on several cases of rendition.
4. Finally, Russia just inaugurated the newly built pipeline North Stream. No more problem in dealing with transit countries.
5. Both France and the EU Counterterrorist Coordinator, Gilles de Kerchove, reject the assumption that Europe’s security is under greater terrorist threat.
6. Has the Euro crisis opened a new can of worms? Europe could be up for a new round of referendums for a new EU Treaty. Adjusting the economic and monetary architecture of the EU would need a reform of the Treaties.
7. Europe is the solution, not the problem!
8. A visit into the Maktab al-Nasser, or the ‘factory of nightmares.’
9. What is up with the French political elites? One too old to be judged, the other one in the middle of trials, and the last one with low approval ratings. Yes, I am talking of Mr. Chirac, Strauss-Khan, and Sarkozy (in French).
10. Krugman analyzed the Obama’s employment plan. And he likes it!
11. Hardball between Coca Cola Enterprise and the French government following a tax increase on soft drinks.
12. Obama is finally confronting nihilism!

Cartoon of the Week


Teddy Wayne wrote a short story imagining Dick Cheney’s dream as he was unconscious following his heart surgery. Hilarious!

Video of the Week
John Stewart explains why Rick Perry is more electable than Mitt Romney.
Podcasts of the Week
1. Presidential hopeful and Governor of Texas, Mr. Perry, argues that global warming is not man-made. He has been fighting the EPA for years and is rejecting any scientific evidence.

2. Thomas Friedman talks about his new book, How America fell behind.

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